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It’s the end of June and the weather in the Denver metro area is starting to become very pleasant. More people are dressing in spring clothes and sitting on patios at restaurants and coffee shops. Trees are starting to show signs of new leaves and buds, and tulips and other bulbs are pushing out of the ground and showing signs of life. Every year, these are the tell-tale signs that spring is finally here! Sure, the Denver area usually sees cool weather – and sometimes even a snow storm before Memorial Day – but we only have only about one month before temperatures will rise high enough to warrant turning on your home’s cooling system. Most people wait until late May or June when temperatures hit the 80s or 90s to make sure their cooling system is ready for the summer heat. It is not that people don’t care about their air conditioners or that they don’t think they will need their cooling systems when the heat of summer hits. In reality, people have a hard time remembering just how hot houses can get in the summer when they are still experiencing the cool and comfortable temperatures of spring. Don’t Wait for Hot Temperatures The biggest problem with waiting until June to get your cooling system ready for constant use during the summer months is that a majority of people in the Denver area tend to wait until temperatures are unbearably hot before thinking about their cooling system – and making sure it is functioning properly. When temperatures hit the 80s or 90s during the early summer,  HVAC companies usually receive a flood of calls from homeowners whose systems are not working properly. When this happens, people become panicked and require emergency service calls. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible for a company to service all emergency calls on the same day, so some customers will have to wait in line for a technician – which can result in an uncomfortably hot week or more. Cooling Systems Should be Serviced Every Year Some older homes in the Denver area  don’t have central air conditioning units. But a large majority of homes do have cooling systems that should be serviced every year – preferably before they are put into use for the season. Scheduling a maintenance visit from a reliable HVAC company as soon as possible is highly recommended – if you want to make sure your system will work properly when you want to use it this coming summer. April is the perfect time of year to schedule routine preventative air conditioner maintenance. If your system is ready to use when the weather heats up, you will not be one of the unlucky homeowners who has to request an emergency service call that will probably cost more and require a significant wait. Give yourself peace of mind, and schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

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